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Latest android auto apkAndroid Auto 4.7 Apk Download
Waze is a map and navigation app that includes a community of more than 100 million users around the world who selflessly improve the app on a daily basis. You’ll keep up to date with any road blockage, radars, traffic jams, etc.
Using Waze is as simple as picking your destination and waiting a couple of seconds so the app calculates the best route. By default, you’ll view the shortest route, but the app will show you all the possible alternatives. So, if you have a personal preference, all you have to do is choose the alternative that best fits your needs. Using the settings, you can also mark the options that most interest you such as not viewing routes that include road tolls.
Another really interesting feature is that Waze will show you your speed at all times. But that’s not all, you’ll also view the road’s speed limit, so if you’re driving over the speed limit, the app will warn you. You’ll also be notified of any possible incidence in real time and the areas that include radars.
Waze is an excellent navigation app for Android that’ll help you plan any road trip. Providing information is also easy and quick. As long as you’re the co-pilot, you can easily add any traffic incidence to warn other drivers.
Reviewed by Andrés López

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Android Auto 4.7 Apk Download

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Google Maps is available on Android and offers all the usual features of the Google service, plus the addition of a GPS feature which makes it impossible to get lost in a big city. Actually, between Google Maps and a GPS, it would be impossible to get lost anywhere in the world.