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Download YouVersion Bible App + Audio apk 9.3.5 for Android. Free Bible App with Audio, Verse of the Day, Offline, Daily Study + Devotionals. Download King James Bible (KJV) Free APK 2.0.5 for Android. Experience a richer fuller bible study with this King James Bible app.

. Is a Multi Version of the Bible, It contains substitute story of the Bible. The as soon as versions are included in the app, King James Version (KJV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), New Living Translation (NLT), World English Bible (WEB). The app allow instant search, highlighting and bookmarking.
  • WBS Lite APK 1.0.1 for Android is available for free and safe download. It is a lesson whatsapp app by World Bible School, Inc, an excellent Bible Study App, by And Bible Open Source Project alternative to install on your smartphone.
  • Download KJV Bible app for Android. KJV Audio Bible, KJV Bible, KJV Free, Free Bible, Audio Bible, King James Bible.
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Bible App Free Download Apk

YouVersion is a great Android tool for people who want to read or listen to the Bible wherever they are.
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Carrying around a Bible is not always an option, but what if you could access the Bible in a digital way? This is where the YouVersion app comes into play, allowing people to read or listen to the Bible anywhere. With the help of YouVersion, people have access to more than 1,400+ Bible versions in more than 1000 languages. It’s possible to customize the experience by using bookmarks and highlights, or by taking private notes. You can even add Bible verses to your photos. It’s possible to use YouVersion without an Internet connection


  • All Bibles are available
  • More than 1000 languages supported
  • Get in Bible study with friends

What's new in YouVersion Bible App APK 9.1.5:

For more information on downloading YouVersion Bible App to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other YouVersion Bible App APK versions (31):

  • YouVersion Bible App 9.3.52021-11-12
  • YouVersion Bible App 9.3.42021-11-04
  • YouVersion Bible App 9.2.22021-10-30
  • YouVersion Bible App 9.2.12021-10-08
  • YouVersion Bible App 9.1.62021-09-29
  • YouVersion Bible App 9.0.62021-09-09
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.24.22021-06-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.24.02021-06-09
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.23.62021-05-24
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.22.02021-03-15
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.20.22021-01-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.19.12020-11-19
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.18.22020-11-03
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.17.62020-09-24
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.16.72020-08-21
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.16.42020-07-10
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.16.32020-06-24
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.15.12020-04-09
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.14.22020-03-18
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.14.12020-03-12
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.12.22019-09-29
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.12.12019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.11.42019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.10.02019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.9.02019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.82019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.62019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.52019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.42019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.22019-09-28
  • YouVersion Bible App 8.8.12019-09-28
New in YouVersion Bible App 9.1.5:

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  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Bible App Free Download ApkYouVersion Bible App 9.1.5 (OLD) get current version instead (9.3.5)

Youversion Bible App Apk

YouVersion Bible App + Audio, Daily Verse, Ad Free
26.8 MB
API Minimum:
21 - Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
API Target:
30 - Android