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ColorOS 12 Phone Manager 2.0 App With Clean-Up & Antivirus for Realme and OPPO – Phone Manager or Security Center offers you four actions to protect your phone, including Clean Storage, Privacy Permissions, Virus Scan, and Payment Protection. In ColorOS 6 and above, there are added functions like Messenger Cleaner and Whatsapp cleaner. Also Read: ColorOS 12 System Applications – All Latest Apps Download Link For OPPO

Seeing a clean UI, access of Mobilism APK ends up being a cakewalk for users. To utilize the Mobilism APK in a proficient and successful way, pursue the means as referenced beneath: Explore to one side of the menu to discover the rundown of application list, contents, applications, games and books.

  • If you have already designed a mobile app from scratch, then you will no certainly know that creating the UI can be fun but can also be an arduous and time-consuming task. To help alleviate the workload and help you get started on your next project much faster, we have selected a must-bookmark selection of the best free mobile UI kits.
  • Jan 28, 2015 CleanUI provides the best flat-style system UIs for your Android devices. It provides not only the home screen (the launcher), but also the notification page, the lock screen, the control center, the contact and the dialer in flat-style.

The Phone manager also has Common Problem Detection or Component Check, which allows you to scan your phone for abnormalities with one tap. Continue reading the simple guide we created below to know more about this. Also Read: OnePlus rolls out new ColorOS 11.2 A.13 OTA update for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

Phone Manager 2.0

Recently a new Phone Manager version 12.3.2 is available to download for Android 11 users of OPPO smartphone users. It brings new features such as Cleanup Storage, Virus scanner, unknown source installation, and more. Also Read: A New Floating Window 2.0 Feature Added In Realme UI 3.0: Check here the feature

Download Phone Manager 2.0 Update

  • Phone Manager 12.1.0 APK (Recommanded for Android 11)

Phone Manager Features

One-Touch Optimization

Open the Phone Manager and the system will automatically scan your phone. Once the scanning is completed, continue to optimize your phone storage. You can also select the files that need to be cleared manually.

Clean up storage

Junk files might slow down your phone’s operating speed. Clean storage in Phone Manager or Security Center to secure your phone and free up more storage space.

Privacy Permissions

Use the Privacy permissions feature to manage app permissions, protect your privacy, and manage apps that start when phone startup.

App Permissions

Clean Ui App Apk Download

Clean Ui App Apk Download For Laptop

Select an app and choose to accept or allow, decline/deny, or limit call, SMS, device, and privacy-related permissions.

Virus Scan

For better security and experience, you can use it to scan and remove malicious software and files.

Payment Protection

Clean Ui App Apk Download

Clean Ui App Apk Download Latest Version

While you shop online, your phone will provide protection for mobile transactions, such as detecting captcha and app security. See Security of Transaction thru OPPO Payment Protection.

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Clean Ui App Apk Download For Pc

Simple Notepad App Free with a clean UI and minimal features for users loving simplicity. This NotePad App for all is a free notepad for tablets and all android phones and devices. This notepad app can be used for saving important information, data or thoughts and plans of the user. It can be used a notepads To-do Listing app, Shopping listing app, to save birthdays of friends and relatives, save passwords, save credit card numbers, bank account numbers, noting down useful links/urls, saving instant ideas in your minds, to write poems or stories while travel, prepare emails on mobile,save phone numbers, save user ids/user names, save loans and for financial planning e.t.c
This notes maker is obviously a very lite version with ultimate speed and clean UI and can be called a notes lite or notes pad lite versions of other notes save app with reminders and more features.
This Simple My Notes App will remain like this, but can expect future updates for saving note as txt file, saving password protected notes. Many people have already asked for a notepad with lock or password so as to save sensitive data with security. We will surely provide note maker app with security as future updates or another notepad for all application.
Notepad with color notes are every popular, but this app has not include such features to ensure ease of use , simplicity and performance.
If you like this app give us a five star rating with your feedback/suggestions as reviews.