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Disney Epic Quest is an action RPG where you're fully immersed into a world of Disney magic with all the characters from the Kingdom here to help you on your adventure to save the realm. The digital world has been infected by a malicious virus. It's up to you to eradicate this bug, but that'll come as no easy task. Thankfully, you'll have a whole posse of Disney heroes from popular Disney TV shows and Disney classics to lend you a hand along on your quest.
Mickey Mouse, Jack Sparrow, Wreck-it Ralph and Big Hero 6 are just a few of the major Disney heroes that make a cameo in this game. Following suit with other popular titles like Kingdom of Hearts, you'll once again team up in unusual combos of popular heroes and face off against an unusual remix of self-referencing situations. Just like other Square games, nostalgia is at the cornerstone of the whole premise of this game.
As you make your way through changing scenes and accomplish a series of missions, you'll aim to get all three stars in each match. If you do, you'll gain extra resources that allow you to continue unlocking new characters as you build up a team of three heroes. Improve on their stats and score new equipment to deck out each of your heroes so they can adequately meet the new challenges that arise as you progress.
Combat takes place in real-time as you control your character using a virtual stick. You only get to use one character at a time, but you can switch them out at any moment for another character in your three hero team.
Disney Epic Quest is a fun ARPG with tons of action and adventure to go around. Its main appeal is its cast of characters and fun gameplay that steers clear of unnecessary complications, making for a fine game that's suited for all ages.

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