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Now to bypass the activation code with USB OTG cable, follow these steps given below. Download the Google bypass APK named Samsung frp settings.apk on your device using the link given above. Now, locate that APK file and copy it to a USB, and then connect your phone to that USB using an OTG cable. Go to your file manager and locate this APK file.

FRP, which stands for Factory Reset Protection, is a great data protection mechanism that was first released by Google when the Android 5.1 Lollipop arrived. However, you will have to download FRP bypass APK tool if something goes wrong.

This feature is quite helpful, especially in scenarios when you might lose or misplace your smartphone device or any unauthorized body wishes to perform a factory reset. Hence, FRP has been designed to reduce the risk of thefts and frauds.

On the other hand, the FRP feature can turn head-over-heels and become a problem for you if you forget the password of your Google account, and you have already reset your smartphone device.

May 29, 2020 Bypass FRP Lock APK Download: Google Account Verification Bypass 2020: Almost every Android users face this issue at least once in life. FRP lock means Factory Reset Protection which is a new security feature on android phones. Basically FRP Security System used to protect your personal information if you lost your device. Download FRP bypass apk. Finally, let’s talk about another popular method to bypass Google account activation, done through cable and with a special app. Several users reported that they have used the FRP bypass apk for Samsung and it worked in most cases, while the number of phones from other manufacturers which can be bypassed like this is. Part 2: How to bypass Google account on LG with Samsung.Bypass.Google.Verify.apk? Android device security has been one of the concerns, but with the introduction of new security measures for Lollipop users by Google, even a hard factory reset won’t help you use the device.

Thankfully, there are many different Google FRP bypass tools and software that can help you bypass the verification process by Google on your smartphone device and come out of this annoying problem. Bypassing Google FRP lock on your Android smartphone is quite possible, and these tools and software will help you in this regard. Read on to learn how FRP lock functions and how you can download FRP bypass APK to bypass it effectively.

Part 1: FRP Lock: What is it?

As mentioned above, FRP is also known as the Factory Reset Protection lock. This is a security feature that has been introduced by Google for Android devices. The FRP lock gets activated when you reset your smartphone device and can only be unlocked using the correct Google account credentials.

This feature is quite handy since your phone’s default screen lock can be removed by resetting the device. However, the FRP lock gets activated once the reset is done, thereby making it difficult for an unknown person to access the contents in the device.

If you have forgotten your phone’s Google account credentials and cannot seem to recover them, you will have to download FRP bypass APK tool that will help you get through the FRP lock. This is one of the best methods to bypass the Factory Reset Protection. This usually involves the use of an Android app that has been specifically designed for the purpose; this app will allow you to remove the FRP lock without needing the Google account credentials.

PS:here, you will get to know how to perform iCloud DNS bypass and iPhone disabled bypass effortlessly.

Part 2: What are the best FRP APK tools for Android devices?

You can download FRP bypass APK tool known as iMyFone LockWiper (Android) for FRP unlock. This tool has been deemed as one of the most efficient software in the market when it comes to bypassing the FRP lock of almost all Android smartphone devices within a few minutes. You need to do is choose the FRP bypass mode, check and provide the information related to your smartphone, and install the firmware to bypass the FRP lock.

Overall, the whole process is quite simple to understand and can also be done by novices and beginners.

Android frp bypass apk

What are some top features of LockWiper (Android)?

  • The free download FRP bypass APK tool can be used to bypass the Google FRP lock on your smartphone device
  • The app will help you to sign in with your new Google account
  • The instructions are quite easy to understand and follow, thereby making it perfect for beginners as well
  • You do not have to provide any Google account credentials that you need to bypass the Factory Reset Protection
  • The free tool will help you bypass the FRP lock on your Android smartphone within a few minutes. With it, you can also perform ADB FRP bypass easily.

How do you LockWiper for Android and use it to bypass FRP?

Step 1: Once you download FRP bypass APK tool and install it on your computer, you need to launch the program and tap on the Remove Google Lock (FRP).

Step 2: With the help of a compatible USB cable, you need to connect your Android smartphone device to your computer. Here, you need to input any information asked by the free download FRP bypass APK tool to set your device for the process.

Step 3: You need to follow all the instructions mentioned on your computer screen; on doing this, you will see a data package being downloaded. You need to install this data package by following the instructions you see on-screen.

Step 4: Once the firmware package has been downloaded, you need to extract it by following the instructions on the screen.

Step 5: After this, the FRP bypass process should begin automatically. All you need to do here is to wait for the process to complete.

Step 6: Next, the FRP lock will be disabled from your smartphone device in the next few minutes.

Part 3: What is the best FRP Bypass APK Download for Android devices?

The FRP Bypass APK is a free download FRP bypass APK app that has been developed specifically for Android smartphone devices. It can be used to bypass/remove the Factory Reset Protection lock. To use this tool, you need a USB drive and an OTG cable; however, using a USB drive does not have a high success rate, which is why using an OTG cable is recommended. While the overall process might seem long and tedious, the instructions are quite easy to follow:

What are some of the best features of FRP Bypass APK tool?

  • Capable of working on most Android devices
  • The success rate is quite high, especially with an OTG cable
  • You need not provide any Google account credentials to bypass this lock
  • The methods are very easy to understand and follow

What are the steps of downloading and using the FRP Bypass APK?

1. You first need to download the FRP Bypass APK from the official website and copy the contents into your USB drive.

2. You then need to complete the setup on your Android smartphone. Once the FRP lock appears on your screen, you can connect the USB drive to your smartphone via an OTG cable.

3. After you connect the USB drive successfully, the file explorer will open automatically on your phone. You need to head to the APK file and install the tool.

4. If you happen to see the error called unknown source during the installation process, you can check on the unknown source option from the Settings and continue to install the app.

5. Once you have successfully installed the FRP Bypass APK, you can install and launch the program; next, head to the Settings menu.

6. Tap on the Backup and Reset option; then head to the Factory Data Reset option and tap it again for confirmation. Once the device gets reset, the FRP lock will be removed from your smartphone.

Also, click here to know more about Samsung FRP Helper.

Part 4: What are some top free download FRP bypass APK tools?

Some common free download FRP bypass APK tools include:

Tenorshare 4uKey bypass tool

If you use a Samsung smartphone device, it is recommended that you use Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) download FRP bypass APK tool. It is considered one of the top apps that can remove the fingerprint, pin, screen, and Android FRP account lock. The overall process is completed within a few minutes.

1. You first need to download the software and install it.

2. Once you open the free download FRP bypass APK tool, you can connect your smartphone device on your computer and choose the option ‘Remove Google Lock (FRP).’ Ensure that the connection remains stable throughout.

3. Choose the appropriate Samsung smartphone model and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. The entire process will be done within a few minutes.

Also, 4uKey will help you to bypass FRP with PC as well.

Pangu FRP bypass tool

Pangu is also one of the best free download FRP bypass APK tools that can help you bypass the Google account verification. With the help of this app, you can remove the FRP lock with ease. It provides support for all Android devices like SDP, Samsung, Motorola, etc. and running on Lollipop 5.1 and above.

All you need to do is download the APK file, and you can begin using the app to unlock your phone within a few minutes.

UnlockUnit FRP bypass tool

UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant is another free download FRP bypass APK tool that you can use to unlock the FRP lock of your smartphone device. The tool is quite simple and does not require a lot of technical know-how.

Samsung Reactivation Lock

Download Apk Bypass Any Samsung Google Account Lock

If you are seeking a Samsung free download FRP bypass APK tool, you can use this app for the job. It is an online service, which means that you do not have to download and install any type of FRP bypass tool APKS (Motorola FRP Bypass Tool Download ) . All you need is your computer and your device’s IMEI code.

FRP/Google Account Bypass and Flashing Tool

This is a free download FRP bypass APK tool developed by Gadgets Doctor. It is comparatively new to the market and can work on several different Android smartphone devices like Samsung, GTC, etc. The program can be downloaded from its official website and installed in your device.

Free bypass APK tool for Samsung

This is a free download FRP bypass APK tool made specifically for Samsung devices. This tool will allow you to bypass the Google verification and access your data. It is one of the top tools that Samsung users use when they forget their Google account passcode after resetting their smartphone devices.

GSM Flasher ADB Tool

The flashing free download FRP bypass APK is another program that can remove the FRP limits on your Android smartphone device. It works on both Mac and Windows systems. All you need to do is download the program and connect your smartphone with a digital cable.

D&G Password Unlocker

The D&G Password Unlocker is a free download FRP bypass APK tool that can remove the FRP locks of your Android tablets and smartphone devices within minutes. It can be used for a wide range of Android brands like HTC, Huawei, Motorola, etc. Additionally, it is compatible with all versions of Windows.


This free download FRP bypass APK tool is fitted with the ADB functionality that will help you bypass the Google verification process. The GUI is quite interactive and simple to understand and use. It is compatible with all Samsung devices as well.

FRP Lock Google verification Bypass Tool Software

The Google FRP bypass tool is a free download FRP bypass APK tool that will provide additional information for the smartphone devices, apart from bypassing the Google FRP process. It is free to use and can be operated on several Android devices.

FRP Hyjacker Tool (For Samsung)

This is yet another free download FRP bypass APK tool for Samsung devices. It will bypass the Google Account verification within minutes. All you need to do is follow the instructions you see on-screen to complete the process successfully.

Final Thoughts About Download FRP Bypass APK Tool

Bypassing the FRP lock for your Android smartphone and tablet devices is quite easy as long as you have the right free download FRP bypass APK tool with you. You can make use of any of the software mentioned above. However, the FRP Bypass APK is considered the best in this regard. Alternatively, you can also make use of the iMyFone LockWiper tool for the same purpose, should the previous method fail.

We all know that with the release of Android 5.00 Lollipop Google has launched a new security feature known as FRP factory reset protection. This feature is a great step towards the advancement of technology, especially in the Android security field. In case, If your phone stuck at Google account verification screen after the factory reset. Then You can use this FRP Bypass APK to bypass Google account verification easily. So, download FRP bypass apk from below.

Download apk bypass google account verification

It is a great thing to protect your data if your mobile gets lost or snatch. But what if you forget your Google credentials or security log in’s.

Many people complain about this and are not happy with this amazing feature. Do not panic because here we are going to provide an app that can resolve your problem with factory reset protection.

Here is the FRP Bypass Apk app that you can use to skip the Factory reset protection and Google verification.

Why should you use FRP Bypass APK App?

Well! By using this application you will be able to bypass the Google verification details that you must have to provide on mobile rebooting after factory reset.

It is the supreme step to pass out this kind of situation for anyone. The FRP issue is mostly seen on new Samsung, LG and some others android devices.

By reading this complete article you will be able to wipe off the factory reset protection using this FRP bypass APK on your Samsung and other Android devices.

Download FRP bypass APK for Free:

The aim of new technology for security is now quite practical. Using this technology you saved your device from being used and accessed by the unknown one.

The new security features protect your personal data by locking the device. When someone else tries to reset your phone to wipe off your data then the device will reset but a Google account verification to pass the Factory reset protection. No one access the device without verification.

If you don’t do verification process then you will unable to get your data or to use your device.

Sometimes it happened that people forget the verification code of their own device then they have to bypass the verification procedure to use the device as new. To bypass the FRP use FRP bypass APK.

Download FRP Apk for Android from the link given below:

How to install & use FRP APK

Now we are going to discuss the APK download procedure step by step including all the important instructions necessary for the installation and use. Just follow the steps given below

To install the FRP bypass Apk the first thing you need to do is to make sure your device can allow the manual installation of the apps.

You can do this by checking the unknown sources option in your device setting.

Frp bypass google account apk

Now the next thing you have to do is to download the app on your PC from this link.

Transfer the download file or app into the Flash (USB) from the PC. Then connect the Flash to your device using an OTG cable.

After attachment of USB, you can see the files and folders of the Flash in your mobile. Find the folder where you have transfer the FRP Bypass APK file.

Click on the file and it will start the install procedure of the FRP Bypass in your device.

Go to the setting of the app, once you finished the installation of the App.

In the setting menu of the app, you will see the backup and reset tab.

Frp bypass google account apk

Bypass Google Account Manager Apk Download

Tap this option and it will erase all your device data including the previous Google account that you gave the Factory Reset Protection.

Now after rebooting your device, you will be able to by the FRP (Google verification process).

Here the device will ask you to enter the new Google account which you can do by simply following the steps.

  • Sidesync Method
  • Flash via Odin tool
  • Samsung Combination file flash Method
  • Quick shortcut maker apk method
  • FRP Bypass Apk method
  • Sim Pin lock method

Watch Some Video Tutorial to Fix FRP Lock (Google Account Verification) look Easily

Method 2:-


If you still have any doubts then you can check out our most frequently asked questions related to FRP bypass apk. So let’s take a look at them:

Does FRP Bypass APK work on any Google Android device?

We tested FRP unlock apk more than 500+ mobiles phones and its working flawlessly, only you have to do is follow the frp unlock process properly.

Can I use this app on Samsung FRP lock devices?

Yes, we tested FRP Bypass application on latest and old both Android versions phones. So, you can try this process on your Android phone too.

FRP apk is safe or not?

FRP unlock apk is fully safe. So, no need to worry to using this apk.

Download Apk Bypass Google AccountFRP Bypass apk is free or not?

FRP Apk is completely free of cost. you don’t have to pay any extra money to buy this.

Credit:- Download FRP Tools

Final Words

Here we are near to finish this article. Hope really enjoyed it and learns how to bypass the FRP using FRP unlock apk.

Frp Google Account Bypass Download

  • Nowadays, the process of FRP bypass is challenging with every device and every Android version. So, all you have to do is understanding the FRP process.
  • If you have a windows computer then you can easily bypass FRP lock by using FRP tools and files. So, if the above FRP apk is not working for you then you can try other some FRP bypass tools to unlock FRP lock.

Samsung Google Account Lock Bypass Download

  • Well, if you feeling complicated to following FRP bypass process then you can buy our FRP lock services. We will unlock your phone remotely within 1hr.

Hope you also come to know how to install and use FRP Bypass APK properly. But still, if you have any question related to FRP Bypass or face any difficulty to use the app then feel free to contact us in the inbox. Also, give us suggestions how we can improve more.

Google Lock Bypass Apk Download

We will be glad to help you out. Thanks a lot for visiting.