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AppLock is a very simple data protection tool, especially useful for people who are just starting to use this type of tool. It works very simply, as it lets you block access to any installed app with just the tap of a button. And although it doesn't have any type of advanced protection, it's more than enough to keep people from accessing your private information.
The first thing to do once you've downloaded the tool is enter a pattern that you'll need to remember every time you want to unlock a protected app. After setting this pattern, you'll access a full list of the apps stored on your device's memory and SD card. At this point, you'll find two options: select apps to limit one by one, or block them all at once.
Whichever option you choose, your apps will be protected so that no one can open or get into them if they don't know your lock pattern. To take off the lock, you just have to return to the AppLock interface and deselect the app or you can turn the lock off for all of the apps for a certain amount of time.
Keep other people from viewing your photos, accessing your contacts list, sending your videos, or doing anything else with your private information. Now you can feel comfortable handing your phone to people, knowing that no one will see what you don't want them to see.

Download AppLock - Fingerprint 7.9.3 for Android. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Download AppLock APK - AppLock is a very useful application for restricting access to apps installed on your smartphone or tablet. However, the last option is only available for devices running Android 6.0 or later. AppLock can limit access to various applications and it can even hide pictures.

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App Lock Apk Download Old Version For Android

Applock & Hide is a wonderful application from Android Market that enables you to change your Google Now / Gmail / Chrome / Safari Home Screen. This is simply because it hides your unwanted icons, giving you a clean interface with all the important applications laid out neatly on the screen to be used. Unlike other similar applications, Applock & Hide are different because you can customize it to hide or reveal certain applications, as per your preference. To enable this application, go to your Android Market and search for it, you will get a full list of the available version which can be either free or paid.

In general, Applock & Hide and has a rating average is 7.5 by 10. This is the best app of the year on android market, as it has received great ratings from users, most of them coming back for more. When you install the application, you get a choice to choose from two options: Hide or Show. For instance, if you think you want to hide your history, then you just need to click on 'Hide History' on the main page of the application. Similarly, you can also clear your private data, files, and other options to show only the information you need for your convenience.

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It's a great program from Android Market that give you a variety of functionalities and at the same time is not so heavy on the system memory. The application is very easy to use, as you just need to click on an icon to launch it, and then you can perform the desired operation like deleting, changing, locking or unlocking the status. It has been downloaded over millions of times, and people have given positive ratings to both the iPhone version and the android version. The full version costs $2.99, and the direct download link costs just $1.3.