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On its surface The Sims 2 is a game with few changes. The graphics are bigger, more detailed, and more emotive. The audio has more variety. But the gameplay is still all Sims, controlling the lives of a collection of digital people as they make their way through mostly mundane lives. As you dig into the game however you quickly find that this is a much more robust, mature and complex game than the original, leaving you with the impression that this is Will Wrights dream finally realized.

Step 3-2: Download and extract patch and 'NOCD' to Desktop, run patch. Find your Desktop Folder in your files - not from your desktop and copy 'Sims2' and paste into C:- Program Files- EA games- The Sims 2. Now open the TS Bin folder It will say it is a duplicate, select replace.

Just about everything that drives The Sims 2 is different. The biggest difference is in the Sims themselves. Sure you can still boss them around, leading them to great heights or horrible despair, but now you don't have to. These Sims seem to think for themselves in many ways as they have been given limited memories, desires and fears. They also now have true family connections and the ability to age from birth to death at an old age. As they age and their family grows your Sims change.

Download The Sims 2: The Sims 2 (A humorous advertisement file for the game) and many other apps. Sep 14, 2004 Sims 3 is horribly slow to do anything (i have a P4 3.2 gig, and a 1 gig video card and 2 gig memory mind you), the patches fix nothing and make the game worse. I have given up on it. I have bought this game several times, to me it is a fun game i keep coming back to. Sims 2 Patches Before Downloading: SimsVIP is in no way responsible for how these patches change and affect gameplay. The patches listed below are the official and original patches hosted by EA on, and they have not been altered in any way, shape, or form. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about The Sims™ 2: Super Collection. Download The Sims™ 2: Super Collection for macOS 10.12.6 or later and enjoy it on your Mac.

It's amazing to behold.

One of the biggest gameplay changes to The Sims 2 is the aspiration system which is built around a Sims fears and hopes. If you fulfill a Sims desires they don't age and you gain aspiration points which can be used to purchase items. If enough of their fears come true they go temporarily insane, in a disturbingly realistic manner.

The look of the game has also changed pretty drastically. You can now zoom in to watch the 3D Sims interact with each other and the world around them. This new world is swarming with fun little details, like clocks that actually show the time or televisions that have real shows.

The design features for the Sims homes and towns have also been enhanced. Now you can fine tune the look of each Sim, creating virtual reproductions of friends and family and if you marry two people in the game you can have the computer automatically produce a child using genetics.

The homes now have a lot more options for architecture and interior design and The Sims 2 even allows you to create your own towns. You can even import cities from Sims City 4 to live in.

The audio has been upgraded as well, though not nearly as much as the rest of the game. The soundtrack isn't much different from the music of the original Sims, but the Sims language, Simlish, has received some polishing.

The Sims 2 is a fantastic answer to the original game, delivering just the right amount of tuning to perfect Will Wright's vision without messing too much with the original formula. This game will make Sims fans ecstatic and may even attract some new ones with its improved look and sound and easier to maintain population.

Overall rating: 8

The Sims 2 Free Download PC Game Setup in single driect link for windows. The Sims 2 is an Simulation game.

The Game Sims 2 Free Download

The Sims 2 PC game 2004 Overview

The Sims 2 is a spectacular life simulation video game. It is developed under the banner of Maxis for Microsoft Windows. It is released on 14th September 2004 and Electronics Arts published this game. It is the sequel to the famous The Sims game.

Download The Sims 2 Game Pc Full Version Gratis - Hallo sobat gamers, kalian sudah tau game pc The Sims? Tentunya sobat pasti tau game populer ini yang disukai oleh para wanita-wanita cantik.Kali ini saya akan berbagi game pc The Sims 2 Full Version tentunya game ini bisa di download PC dan Laptop sobat.Sobat bisa juga lihat game The Sims versi sebelumnya The Sims 1. Download fast the latest version of Sims 2: The second release of this loved and famous game; Are you not going to try it? Are almost endless and they are all at your fingertips to combine to your taste with the demo of the legendary game The Sims 2.

There are a lot of similarities between in The Sims 2 and its predecessor. The players will control their Sims and watch their life how it goes. You will be controlling your Sims in their various activities and how you form Relationships with others. It will be just like the real life and you will definitely enjoy this game. This game is open-ended which means it does not have any specific goal or target. The Sims will have life goals, aims and some fears about their lives which you have to control and make choices for them. They will turn out either positively or negatively. Another interesting prospect of this game is that Sims age and they can live up to 90 sim days. Whole game is incorporated with the 3D graphics engine. All in all this game is special and you will definitely love this game. You can also download Snow Bros.

Features of The Sims 2

Following are the main features of The Sims 2 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • It’s an incredible life simulation game.
  • There are a lot of modifications in this game from its predecessor game.
  • It has special 3D graphics.
  • It’s an open ended game.
  • You will have to make wise decisions and choices.

System Requirements of The Sims 2

Free download game the sims 2 full version for pc windows 7

Download Game The Sims 2 Pc Highly Compressed

Before you start The Sims 2 Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 3 or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 3.5 GB

The Sims 2 Free Download

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Genre: StrategySimulation
Rating: ESRB: T, ESRB: E10+
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OverviewSequel to one of the most famous games of all time, The Sims 2 introduces a new engine and many new gameplay features to the franchise.
Arceus rates this game: 5/5

This game, just like The Sims 2 (and some expansions) and The Urbz and Bustin' Out on the GBA, DS, and (somewhat) GCN, PS2, and Xbox, as well as The Sims Stories, differs from the main series by going for a story theme. All the games (Excluding the home console versions, all really the same game) have a different story. This game focuses on you, the player, in the town (well, it's more of a... Region...) of Strangetown. In the beginning of the game, a plumbob hovers over your car, and your car breaks down. You roll it into a car repair shop, run into Bella Goth at the nearby shop, and- Oh, there goes your car. And your repairman. And his shop. Nearby the seemingly blown up building's remains lies a ringing cell phone. You answer and someone named 'Dominic Newlow' (Oh, now I get it.) asks if you need a job. You say you do, and now you need to get a ride to town and a house. Bella Goth to the rescue! She offers you her estate. She asks if you can afford it, one of the answers is something along the lines of 'Maybe if I sell a few organs, join the mafia...' and then she settles for taking all the money you have. Get some donuts outta the trash for a police officer to get a ride, and you're off to a long and amazing journey. On your travels you will discover and get rid of 2 ghosts (Though, are you sure there are only two?) in your house, save a man from a serial killer, save a poor soul from a couple with trust issues, meet the guy you saved from the killer only to find he's joined a cult, see some zombies, talk with the military, and even beat a final boss, all in this surprisingly good life simulation/interactive novel/adventure game hybrid!

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Download Game Pc The Sims 2 Gratis

Download Sims 2, The (USA) (375M)
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