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Download Supreme Duelist apk 2.5.5 for Android. Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny stick fight mobile game. Stickman MasterThief APK 1.05 for Android is available for free and safe download. It is a masterthief stickman game by Cuongbeo Game Studio, an excellent Drag Race FRVR alternative to install on your smartphone. Oct 25, 2021 Download Stickman Superhero apk 1.7.4 for Android. Join superhero league!

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Download Stickman Apk

Download APK As we mentioned inside above paragraph that the App is particularly developed for the gameplay called Henry Stickmin. Where the player has to go through different steps for rescuing the world. Control a stickman and compete in exciting multiplayer battles in Supreme Duelist. In this game of skill, your mission is to do whatever it takes to leave the battlefield victorious. If you're looking for a fun game that will test your fighting skills, try Supreme Duelist.

Stickman Falling is a free Android game where you have to demolish your stickman in the most spectacular ways possible. Similar to other popular ragdoll games, Stickman Falling is a simple game that provides hours of entertainment.

In Stickman Falling, developer Skygo created a brutal game where the object isn’t to survive. Instead, you earn points on how creatively you make the Stickman fall to his death. The game is similar to other stickman games, such as Supreme Duelist Stickman. Rather than fighting against an opponent, it’s just your ragdoll and an environment full of wipe-out possibilities.

Unique gameplay

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Although the game follows the popular stickman and ragdoll trend of simplicity, the gameplay of Stickman Falling is unique. Instead of fighting against other players, the game's object is simply to have your stickman fall in a creative way to causes the most damage. Players need to think of exciting ways to use the environment to make their stickman wipe out. There’s only one button to press: the 'Dismount' button. Hold it in until you’re ready to release your character and see how he falls to his ultimate death.

Different levels, characters and more

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This Android game offers 14 new levels, three different character choices and multiple vehicles and props to use in exceedingly sinister ways. Each level has its obstacles, traps and weapons that can be used to annihilate your stickman.

The props can be added to levels to increase fall damage, giving you more points. The props include TNT, saws, steam, arrow turrets and blade turrets to make the levels even more challenging. There are also mods available to make the fun last even longer.

Not for Kids


Despite being a ragdoll game, the stickman image might make the game appear suitable for children. However, the game isn't for a young audience. The whole objective of the game is to destroy your characterin the most vicious ways possible. The scenes can be pretty gruesome, which is the whole point. It’s recommended to keep this game for adults.

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A good time-killing game

Download Stickman Apk

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If you're looking for a fun way to pass the time without too much thought, then you should download the Stickman Falling APK now. This free Android app can provide you with hours of entertainment watching your character fall down to his brutal death.