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Thank you for using our software library. Download the required product from the developer's site for free safely and easily using the official link provided by the developer of Visual Paradigm below.

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However, we must warn you that downloading Visual Paradigm from an external source releases FDM Lib from any responsibility. Please carefully check your downloads with antivirus software. FDM Lib takes it upon itself to provide free download links and inform users when the developing company starts providing a version of Visual Paradigm for direct download.

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Project Management

This article is out-dated. Please refer to How to upgrade Visual Paradigm (with Floating License) to New Version for details about how to update your floating licensed Visual Paradigm to latest version.

Over the years, Visual Paradigm International Ltd. has delivered lifecycle visual modeling platforms in order to help our customers to build quality software applications faster, better and cheaper, including the three major product series: Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML), Logizian and Agilian. In version 11.1, we amalgamated them to become one single product and has renamed it into Visual Paradigm which is the same as our corporation. Thanks to the Visual Paradigm Software Maintenance, you can upgrade to Visual Paradigm without extra cost as long as your license is within the maintenance period. This article below will teach you how to upgrade your single seat VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian license with VPository to Visual Paradigm, the new product.

Knowing which type of license you are using

If you are not sure whether you are running the single seat license, floating license or subscription license, you can follow the article Find out the Type of Visual Paradigm License You Are Using to find out which type of license you are using.

If you are using single seat license, please follow the procedures at How to Upgrade VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian (Single Seat License) to Visual Paradigm to perform the upgrade.And if you are using subscription license, then please follow the procedures at How to upgrade VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian (Subscription License) to Visual Paradigm to perform the upgrade.

Download visual paradigm for uml 10.2 community edition free

Before we start

The upgrade process involves 3 steps, they are:

  • Ready the files you needed for the upgrade
  • Upgrade License Server to new version
  • Upgrade VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian to new version

To avoid missing out any steps throughout the upgrade process, please download the following checklist and use it during your upgrade process.

Now let’s start the upgrade by downloading the files you need.

1. Ready the files you need

Download Visual Paradigm For Uml 10.2 Community Edition Free

The following files have to be readied before upgrading your floating license environment. They are:

  • The floating license key for the new version
  • The WebApp package of the new version license server

Download the new floating license key file

You can login to your Customer Service Center account to download the new floating license key file. Once you have logged in to your Customer Service Center account, you can select the floating license and press the Download button to download it.

Download floating license key form Customer Service Center

Download the WebApp package of the new version license server

Visual Paradigm

Now, switch to the Download tab in your Customer Service Center account. Select WebApp in the Installer combo box of Visual Paradigm Server and press the Download button to download it.

We are now ready to proceed to upgrade the server.

2. Upgrade your license server

Upgrade the license server is extremely easy and can be done in just a few clicks.

  1. First, we have to login to the server as administrator. Open the browser and go to your license server.

    Access to VP Server via browser

  2. Login to the server as the administrator with login name “Admin“.
  3. Once you have logged in, select the Update System from the top right hand corner of the admin portal.

    Update the server

  4. Click the Browse button to locate the WebApp package you have downloaded previously.
  5. Upon the upload is done, the server will list out the version and build number of your current running server as well as the version and the build number you are going to update. The server will be out of service for around 10 – 15 seconds by pressing Yes button to proceed to the upgrade.

    The build number of the current running server and the target build which going to upgrade to

  6. Once the upgrade is done, the server will show up its new version and build number. Click Continue to go back to the login page.
  7. Login to server as administrator again. And then click Configure under Floating License Module.

    Configure license server

  8. You will see it is still with your existing license key. Press the Import License button and then press the Browse button to locate the new floating license key you have downloaded.
  9. Press the Upload File button to proceed.

    Upload the license key to server

  10. After that, you will see the license on server is being upgraded.

The server is now ready and we can move on to upgrade the VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian.

3. Upgrade your VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian

Upgrade VP-UML/Logizian/Agilian to Visual Paradigm is pretty simple and you can simply run the update program (Update VP-UML/Update Logizian/Update Agilian) to get it done.

  1. The update program can be launched from your Start menu (MS Windows) or from the bin folder of the installation directory (all platforms).

    Launch Update Program

    Note that the upgrade process requires write permission to the installation directory. For Windows users, it is recommended to run the update program as administrator in order to obtain the required permission.

  2. After launching the update program, select Visual Paradigm update server as the update source, then press Check Updates to proceed.

    Select Visual Paradigm update server as update source

  3. The update program will first be upgraded and restart itself, then the build number of the latest release will be shown. You can press the Perform upgrade button again to continue.
  4. A special message dialog will be shown to explain the product amalgamation. Press OK button to proceed.

    Special message dialog explaining product amalgamation.

  5. After that, the update program will download the upgrade from Internet to upgrade the software. At the same time download and import the new license key for you.

Common problems

Cannot find where to login to server as administrator

This is probably caused by you are using the older version of VP Server. For the older server, please click on the Manage (or Administrator for VP Server prior to version 10.1) at the top-right hand corner.

Manage server


Download Visual Paradigm For Uml 10.2 Community Edition Download

After that, you will be able to access to the Login page.

Update program says it cannot be connected to the updated server

Download Visual Paradigm For Uml 10.2 Community Edition Pdf

Unable to connect to update server.

This is probably caused by a bad Internet connection or your system needs proxy server to access for Internet. If you need to use proxy server to access for Internet, you can then check the Use proxy server check box and fill in the proxy host and port as well as your login information (if needed).

You can also press the Proxy Setting button at the bottom-left corner of the update program to configure the proxy server before proceeding to upgrade

Update program didn’t show that new version is available

For users who are using Visual Paradigm’s software prior to version 10.2 may need to run the update program twice in order to do the complete upgrade. While the first run is to update the software to the latest build on the current running version, the second run is to upgrade to the latest version.