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Music downloader - Music player is a free Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players in Android app store. Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader - the latest version supports users to download music with the fastest speed. Popular rankings such as US - UK, Kpop, Jpop, Vpop ... are regularly and continuously updated. We are always working hard to refresh the charts of the hottest songs from more than 100 countries all over the world.

Amazon Mobile LLC (Free) 1/3. Amazon Music is an online music store and streaming platform. The basic plan is free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Listen online or offline ad-free, and enjoy unlimited skips on your Android device. There are three subscription levels to suit every taste and budget. Oct 27, 2020 Download Music downloader apk 1.2.5 for Android. Download and listen to free music, Mp3 downloader, Mp3 players, Equalizer.

Music downloader - Mp3 downloader with a huge music store, diverse all types of popular music today. You can easily search and download any songs or listen to music online just with a smartphone connected to the internet.
  • May 21, 2021 Mp3 Music Downloader APK 2 for Android is available for free and safe download. It is a musical downloader app by kolob2dev, an excellent Free Music Downloader + Mp3 Music Download Songs alternative to install on your smartphone.
  • Music Downloader Download Mp3 Music APK 1.1.6 for Android is available for free and safe download. It is a downloaded downloader app by Super Mp3 Music Downloader App, an excellent Music Downloader Mp3 Sounds alternative to install on your smartphone.
  • Music Downloader&Mp3Downloader Android latest 1.0.4 APK Download and Install. Super music downloader, download MP3 music for free.

Let's discover the outstanding features of the application:
- Totally free
- Download music with high speed and play music in high quality with Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players
- Update the latest song list in many countries around the world.
- Search songs easily and quickly
- 3D surround sound
- Support headset to control the Mp3 players
- Manage downloaded songs by album, artist, folder, playlist
- Support users to create their own playlists.Free music download apk android app
- You can search for any genre of music, any song on Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players
- Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players with full features: play, stop, next, previous, select play mode, add to favorite playlist.
- Audio equalizer with 5 sound ranges, bass booster and 3D sound effects.
- Set the song as your device’s ringtone.
- Many types of music tunes are preset such as Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, or you can adjust the balance yourself. Free music download app android
- Support setting wallpapers for your songsFree music download apk android
- Smart sleep timer mode
- Headset support: play, stop, next, previous, volume up/down.
Download - Track the download progress easily
- Easy to share downloaded songs to your friends via popular social networking sites.
- Multi-language support
Download Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader and Mp3 players, now to own an application for free downloading and listening to music with a smooth interface. Update the tastes of music in the country and all over the world, the hottest songs every day easily.
Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader is licensed by Jamendo ( and provided with a huge and totally free music store. All you need is just connect your phone to the internet, then you can listen to music online, or download them and enjoy offline. You can find any songs with Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader and Mp3 player.
Dear publishers, we have attached our email adress and phone number in our contact information. If you have any questions, please email or call us in advance. We will provide documents and agreements signed with the Jamendo music provider ( Jamendo will confirm the validity of the agreement. We hope to receive your cooperation for the strong music industry. Music downloader - Music player, Mp3 downloader will help you listen to compositions of independent and/or new artists which helps their work spread and reach more the audience faster.
Sincere thanks.

Free YouTube streamer and downloader

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YMusic is a convenient music app that enables users to enjoy music from YouTube while consuming fewer data. This free multimedia application allows you to stream Youtube music while your smartphone's screen is turned off. With this, not only can you save data, but you will also save your battery's life.

YMusic shares the same functionality as Mi Browser, NewPipe, and Vanced. However, this app comes with a few advantages, including the ability to download YouTube videos to the format of your choice. Not only that, but it integrates with Last.FM, enabling you to retrieve artist and album information.

Listen to YouTube with your screen off

YouTube is a popular streaming and video-sharing platform. Here, you can watch and listen to various videos and music. However, once you turn off your device's screen, the video stops playing. YMusic is an app that addresses this pet peeve that people have with YouTube. With this app, you can listen to any YouTube content without needing to keep your screen on. Thereby, you can save your battery life. Moreover, this saves a good amount of bandwidth since there is no video to load.

The app works with a range of YouTube videos—including MP3. It is based on Jockey, a smart yet lightweight music player for ease of use. You only need to launch the app, search for your favorite music, and play it. The app also lets you start your search from the YouTube app. Once you find your video, you only need to click the share button and navigate to YMusic. From there, you can choose to listen in the background or download the video.

Free Music Download Apk Android App

Download music for offline streaming

As mentioned, YMusic is not only for streaming YouTube music. It also works as a music downloader. The app supports a wide range of formats, including MP3, WebM, MP4, and Opus. With this, you don't need a separate converter if you only wish to extract the audio from the video file. Moreover, the app can auto-detect the artist and album name of the video, thanks to its integration with Last.FM service. This makes your music collection clearer and more convenient for searching.

More than that, the app comes with a powerful AI that can learn your habits and deliver intelligent playlists based on your taste and location. Not only that, but these playlists come with fully customizable rules. The app also offers custom equalizers, gapless playback, and even home screen widgets. Lastly, you can bend its user interface to your liking with its 81 color schemes. However, as this is a third-party app, you may often receive 'Unauthorized Message' alerts.

Should you download it?

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Overall, YMusic is a handy app for those who frequently stream music from YouTube. With this, you can listen to your favorite track without needing to keep your screen open. Not only that, but the app also works as a YouTube downloader, allowing you to download audio and video with ease. Even better, it offers nifty features for an enhanced user experience. If you enjoy creating a cohesive music library, this one is worth downloading.