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Manage your disk with GrandPerspective, which analyzes your files and folders. You can download it for free.

How much space do you have left on your hard drive? If it is time to delete some of your old files, but you are not sure which ones are the biggest, you can use the free and open-source Mac utility GrandPerspective.


So, what exactly does GrandPerspective? Basically, it can be used to give you a visual representation of your hard drive. After you have selected a folder to scan, GrandPerspective shows you a window of rectangles in different sizes and colors. According to the developer, this is called a “treemap”. It makes it a lot easier, and perhaps even fun, to study your files.


The worst thing about GrandPerspective, but at the same time also the best thing, is the simplicity. You can change a few things in the preferences, but overall, the functionality is very limited. However, since GrandPerspective works so well, we recommend it to all of our Mac users.

Download GrandPerspective for Mac 1.5.1
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