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Download this professional UniConverter for Mac, double click the.dmg image to install it. Launch the MOD to iMovie Converter for Mac, drag & drop MOD files to the program. Or go to 'File' menu, choose 'Load Media Files' to locate the MOD files you want to add. Select an output format you need from the output format list.

  1. Jan 13, 2021 Once you move iMovie project from iPhone to Mac, you have to edit the iMovie file on Mac all the time. It is not supported to transfer iMovie from Mac to iPhone again. If you want to transfer media files to iMovie for iOS or Mac, you can use Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer or USB connection. The former one offers the faster speed.
  2. IMovie download has been designed to improve your video’s audio as well as appearance. Once you’ve imported the image or video files, you can add close-ups, trim clips, enhance music, and remove the sound. If you don’t know where to begin, you can use certain features introduced specifically to personalize your creations.
  3. Once you move iMovie project from iPhone to Mac, you have to edit the iMovie file on Mac all the time. It is not supported to transfer iMovie from Mac to iPhone again. If you want to transfer media files to iMovie for iOS or Mac, you can use Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer or USB connection. The former one offers the faster speed.
  4. Click on the iMovie icon from your Dock or Applications folder (in case your don’t see the iMovie app there, search for it in the App Store and redownload) In iMovie, choose one of the libraries (Photos for media files in that app, All Events for files from your Mac, or All Projects for the past iMovie work) How to create a new movie project.

I've been editing quite a few movies on my iPhone 6s and 6s Plus since first picking up Apple's latest smartphones: The Retina screen makes viewing and cutting 4K footage easy, and iMovie for iOS's smart trim tools and easy-to-use interface can do a lot. But it can't do everything, and that's where the Mac comes in. Thanks to iMovie 10.1, you can now move projects you've started on your iPhone or iPad to the Mac for more in-depth edits. Here's how to go about it.

How To Download Imovie File On Mac

How to move an iMovie project from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac

  1. Open iMovie for iOS on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Projects tab and select the project you want to move.
  3. Select the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

From here, you have a few different options on how to get your project over to iMovie.

  • You can send the project to iCloud Drive, where you can open it on your Mac. This is the slowest method I've found, but it also keeps that project in your iCloud Drive indefinitely.
  • You can tether your phone to your computer via USB cable and use iTunes. Fast, but requires a USB cord.
  • You can share to your computer via AirDrop: If you have a 2012 or later Mac, you can use iOS-to-Mac AirDrop to wirelessly transfer the file from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. This is my favorite method, and the one we'll talk about below.
  1. Wait for your Mac to show up under the AirDrop menu on the Share screen.
  2. Once it does, tap on the icon.
  3. Your project will first begin preparing; after it's finished, it will start sending it to your computer.

This might take a little while—especially if you have 4K footage!—so you may want to go find a tasty beverage while doing this.

How to open iMovie for iOS projects on your Mac

How To Download Imovie File On Mac
  1. Open iMovie for OS X on your Mac.
  2. If you used AirDrop or iTunes, you'll find your iMovie for iOS project in your Mac's Downloads folder. Otherwise, you can select the following menu in iMovie: File > Import iMovie iOS Projects.
  3. After a few minutes of import, your project should appear identical to its iOS form in the iMovie for OS X timeline: Everything gets transferred over, from video effects to audio clip placement. You'll also get the full versions of all clips you've used in your project, stored in the My Media browser.

Note: I've seen iMovie occasionally hang when trying to import new projects, which I expect is a tiny 4K-related bug; if it freezes for more than ten minutes on you, my best advice is to force quit the program and try re-importing.

How to move iMovie projects on your iPhone or iPad to Final Cut Pro

If iMovie for OS X won't cutting it, you can jump all the way up to Final Cut Pro. Here's how.

  1. Follow all the steps above to import your project into iMovie for OS X.
  2. Go to File > Send Movie to Final Cut Pro.
  3. Your film will then export and automatically open Final Cut Pro.

Can I move projects back to my iPhone or iPad?

Not at this time, sadly. You can keep working on the project file you exported—it opens in either iOS or OS X—but once you import it into iMovie on the Mac, you're stuck editing in the Mac environment.


Imovie Dmg Download

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For turning all those videos you've shot into something memorable, there's no better tool for casual videographers than Apple's iMovie. And if you've bought a Mac or iPhone recently, iMovie should already be there, capable of helping you editing together video footage into an eye-catching final product.

Imovie For Windows 10 Free

But what if you can't find iMovie anywhere on your computer or phone, maybe because you removed the app to save space? No matter — it's simple to download iMovie on either the Mac or iPhone just by heading to Apple's assorted App Stores.

  • Find the best iOS apps for your iPhone

Here's where you'll find a copy of iMovie to download, along with what exactly you can do with Apple's video-editing tool.

Where to download iMovie

Before downloading iMovie, make sure that the program isn't already installed on whatever device you're using. If that's a Mac, head to the Spotlight bar in the upper right corner of any machine running a recent version of macOS and type 'iMovie' — the app should be one of the first things that pops up in the search results. Similarly, you can look in your Mac's Applications folder to see if iMovie is there.

On the iPhone, it's just as simple to search. In iOS 13, swipe down from any home screen to reveal a search bar where you can type in 'iMovie.' If you've already upgrade to iOS 14, just scroll to the App Library page and search for iMovie there.

Can't find iMovie? Then it's time to download the app.

  • iMovie for iOS: iOS App Store
  • iMovie for Mac: Mac App Store

What you can do with iMovie

Even though it's squarely aimed at consumers and not pro video editors, there are plenty of tools in iMovie that make it worth downloading if it's not already on your Mac or iPhone. The application lets you create titles and add special effects to your videos. You'll find 10 filters for altering the look of your footage and soundtracks that are automatically adjusted to fit the length of your movie.

Download Apple Imovie

One of iMovie's best features lets you turn your videos into Hollywood-style trailers using a visually friendly storyboard layout. The trailer feature supports multiple genres, letting you pick the best one for your footage.

iMovie is designed to let you easily move your edits between the iPhone and Mac, so it's best to have the application downloaded on both your computer and phone. That means you can start a project on the phone where you've shot all your footage and then use iCloud to move over to the Mac where you can add effects, transitions and other power features.

Once you're done with a video, sharing tools make it easy to post your finished product to social networking sites or share via the Messages app. You can also upload 4K videos directly to YouTube.

As powerful as iMovie may be, it's no match for a pro-level product. For even more features, you'll need to turn to Final Cut Pro, Apple's professional video editing tool.