How To Download Oracle Database On Mac

XAMPP is an open source package that contains Apache, PHP and many PHP 'extensions'. This is what I did with XAMPP 7.4.9 on macOS Mojave. I had done a basic XAMPP native install (using xampp-osx-7.4.9-0-installer.dmg, not the VM) with the Developer files option selected - this was the default. It seems like XAMPP for macOS doesn't have the OCI8. While Oracle is not natively available on a Mac computer, it's possible to run Oracle or Oracle Express on a Mac using a virtual machine. This article describes the steps you need to take to set up the existing Oracle Developer VM and VirtualBox on your Mac to get it up and running. Sep 24, 2021 2:15PM in Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) How to download Oracle 11G database Express edition for Mac M1 as I am unable to do it by my own 0 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The first step to getting Oracle on your Mac is to download a program called. How to install Oracle Instant Client Version (64-bit) on a Mac (OS X 10.11.5) I have downloaded version (64-bit) version and unzipped the file.

I have been working with Virtual machines for quite a while, most of my testing and demo environments are on VirtualBox. The problem I’ve always faced is the storage and resources requirements to run multiple VMs. Running VMs on a MAC works well, however we all know that MAC storage is a premium that not all of us have.

I have always kept my VMs in an external drive, but quite honestly every time I am on a client or want to demos something, I usually don’t have the drive with me. With that I have been looking for alternatives and for quite a while I wanted to try Docker.

With some available time today, I decided to give it a shot and it worked really well. Below I am demonstrating what I did to get started.

Here are my Steps:

Download and Install Docker for Mac from the Docker Store

Install it

What Is Oracle On Mac

Double-click Docker.dmg to start the install process.

When the installation completes and Docker starts, the whale in the top status bar shows that Docker is running, and accessible from a terminal.

Run it

Open a command-line terminal, and try out some Docker commands.

Run $docker version to check that you have the latest release installed.


Run $docker run hello-world to verify that Docker is pulling images and running as expected.

How To Download Oracle Database On Mac Computer

More information on how to run and install Docker on Mac can be found here:

Now that I have downloaded and installed Docker successfully, I will download an existing Database 12c Image public available.

Docker Image to Download:

Go to and type: Oracle 12c

Oracle sql client for mac

Click in the image absolutapps/oracle-ee-12c

How To Download Oracle Database On MacHow To Download Oracle Database On Mac

Copy the Docker Pull Command:

docker pull absolutapps/oracle-12c-ee

Running image on Docker:

Install Oracle Database on Docker:

Start oracle Database and note the hostname:

And that’s it. I now have an working version of Oracle database 12c R1 running on my MAC with Docker.

Next test is to create a GoldenGate Microservices image to test some integrations. Stay tuned.