How To Download Things Faster On Mac

Basically any software update, app download, iCloud document, or iTunes media downloaded on your network will end up in the cache. If another device needs the file it will check the cache first. That means it will grab it from that computer rather than the internet—making the download much faster and saving you internet bandwidth. Download speeds on your MacBook's Safari browser may be slower than in browsers like Chrome or Firefox. There are things you can do to help Safari speed up the downloads. MacBook and Mac.

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  1. Here are some tips to make your Mac boot faster. Get an SSD Drive. The latest generation of Hard Disks (appearing in Macbook Airs) are called SSD drives. They use memory on a chip (like a thumb drive). They have no moving parts. They are much faster.
  2. If your computer isn't using an Ethernet connection, connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable and see if your downloads increase in speed. If your downloads do increase in speed, your wireless connection to the router is poor. Try staying closer to the router or purchasing a stronger router.

Are there multiple iPhones and iPads in your house? What about Macs, or Apple TVs? Have you ever thought about how much bandwidth all those individual Apple devices use downloading the same updates, media, and iCloud content as each other?

Content Caching is Apple’s solution to this. Mostly intended for large institutions, this feature allows a Mac to become a cache for every macOS, iOS, and Apple TV system on a network. Previously this feature was exclusive to macOS Server, but macOS High Sierra now offers it to all Mac users by default. This means caching is now free for home users to set up.

Setting up your cache is simple, and a good idea if you’re dealing with bandwidth caps, or just someone who wants downloads to run faster the second time around. All you need is a Mac running High Sierra, ideally one that’s consistently connected to your network via ethernet.

How to Enable Caching on Your Mac

First, choose a computer to serve as your cache. Ideally this should be a desktop Mac that’s connected to your network over ethernet—it’s possible to cache over Wi-Fi, but Apple doesn’t recommend it.

On that Mac head to System Preferences > Sharing.

On the Sharing screen check the “Content Caching” option in the left panel.


Just like that you’ve set up your cache. If you want to limit the size of the cache, click the “Options…” button at bottom right.

From here you can change where your cache is stored, and also limit how big it can get. To disable the cache later, simply uncheck “Content Caching.”

How Caching Works

So how does this actually work? Basically any software update, app download, iCloud document, or iTunes media downloaded on your network will end up in the cache. If another device needs the file it will check the cache first. That means it will grab it from that computer rather than the internet—making the download much faster and saving you internet bandwidth. To quote Apple’s explainer about content caching:

For example, when the first client on your network downloads a macOS update, the content cache keeps a copy of the update. When the next client on the network connects to the App Store to download the update, the update is copied from the content cache rather than from the App Store.

The cache is encrypted, meaning people with access to the computer hosting the cache cannot read the files directly. While somewhat annoying, this means users on your network don’t need to worry about you spying on their cached photos, which is probably for the best.

Multiple Caches For The Win

If you’ve got two Mac desktops in your house, you can become even more awesome by enabling multiple caches: just enable the cache on both devices. They’ll act as peers, as Apple explains:

When your network has more than one content cache, the content caches automatically become peers and can consult and share cached software.

Do you need to do this? No. Is it fast and super cool? Absolutely.

What Is (and Isn’t) Cached

You might be wondering what is and isn’t stored in this cache. Apple offers an official list; here’s our summary:

  • Purchases from iTunes, both for Windows and macOS.
  • iBooks Store content for macOS and iOS
  • iCloud data, including documents and photos, to both macOS and iOS
  • Garageband downloadable content
  • macOS operating system updates
  • Mac App Store downloads and purchases
  • iOS applications
  • iOS updates
  • Various other mobile assets, including Siri’s voice and language dictionaries
  • Apple TV updates
  • Apple TV apps
  • Purchases from the iBooks store

Note that, for legal reasons, some things may not be cached in certain countries. For example, iBooks purchases are not cached in Canada for legal reasons, and iTunes downloads aren’t cached in Brazil. It’s unfortunate, but Apple’s just trying to stay within the law.

Photo Credit: Ruthson Zimmerman, Niklas Veenhuis

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Now Torrents have actually been around for longer than we can imagine. Also, when there were no streaming platforms available online, there were torrents. So, There are torrents for everything – from our favorite Movies and TV shows to the Best Games and Software; there is hardly anything you can’t download using torrents.

Nevertheless, one common problem among torrent users is how much time it can take to download things sometimes. Well, While torrent download speeds depend on many factors, there are always ways to get something downloaded faster using a few simple tricks. In this post, we will tell you what you can do to make sure that the next thing you download using uTorrentdoesn’t take forever!

Know the web connection limits to Speed Up uTorrent. It is the most important factor when it comes. Make utorrent faster free download - How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Cool Cleaner - Make phone faster and healthier, Hair Loss Quiz ft Treatment & Remedy to Prevent Baldness and Make Hair Grow.

How To: Make uTorrent 1.8.2 download faster How To: Make uTorrent 2.0 faster How To: Use BitTorrent and burn a DVDs on a Mac How To: Use BitTorrent for peer-to-peer web downloads How To: Download and install the uTorrent BitTorrent client. Oct 06, 2018. Dec 22, 2014.

Summary: We must warn you, though, that using torrents to download copyrighted work is illegal in many countries. So, Be careful about cyber laws in your state and country before downloading things using uTorrent.

Make Sure There Are Many Seeders

How To Make Utorrent Download Faster Mac

While picking which torrent file to use to download the stuff you want, make sure to select one with many seeders. Some more significant number of seeders means you have more sources to choose from, leading to better download speeds.

Download Files One by One

While it is okay to have some torrents in your uTorrent queue, it is always a good habit to download files one by one. That is because every torrent download takes a portion of your Bandwidth, meaning if you are trying to download multiple files at once, they will all take longer to finish. Meanwhile, downloading a single file, the entire Bandwidth is reserved for that particular file.

You can change the maximum number of active downloads to one so as not to worry about various torrent downloads!

Well, To do so, launch uTorrent and go to Options on top of the page. Next, select Preferences and set the maximum number of active downloads to one. Now, Apply and save before closing Preferences.

Enable UPnP Port Mapping

Authorizing UPnP port mapping allows uTorrent to bypass firewalls and connect directly to the many sources of the file on the web. This ensures that your downloads happen at a much faster rate. So, To enable UPnP port mapping, go to Preferences, and then to Connection in the left menu.

Here, Check the box next to Enable UPnP to get faster download speeds. Now, Click Apply before exiting.

Ensure You Run Updates

How To Download Things Faster On Mac

Securing your uTorrent is updated is a big part of getting better download speeds. In case your uTorrent doesn’t update automatically for some reason, you can do it manually by going to the Help option on top of the page and then selecting Check for Updates from the pull-down menu.

Adding More Trackers

Adding some more trackers can significantly improve the download speeds because they add new seeds and peers to your torrent. This is because trackers close frequently and change all the time, meaning that more modern trackers will get you better download speeds.

So, To add new trackers, right-click on the name of a file that is already downloading. Next, choose the option to Add Tracker. While some versions of uTorrent, this option may be under the Properties section.

Allot Greater Bandwidth to Your Torrent

Download New Utorrent

One popular way to increase download speeds is by allocating more Bandwidth to a particular torrent. Now, Right-click on the file you are already downloading to open the pull-down menu. Choose Bandwidth Allocation and set it to High.

Furthermore, if you want other torrents to download slower than this particular torrent, you change their Bandwidth Allocation to Low.

Altering Bandwidth Settings

How To Download Apps Faster

You can improve torrent download speeds in uTorrent by changing your bandwidth settings. To do this, picked Options from the main menu bar and go to Preferences. From the left menu, select Bandwidth.

Now, you can set the maximum upload rate. We suggest that you set it to something in the vicinity of 15. Similarly, increase the maximum download rate to as much as you want. Here, Set the global number of connections to 2329 while setting the maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 257.

Also, Check :

Final Words :

These are amazing and simplest things you can do to increase download speeds on your uTorrent. We are confident that following one or more of these steps will significantly boost your download speeds. We would love to hear your experience of using uTorrent. Now, Comment below and let us know what you think.

uTorrent is the most popular desktop torrent downloading client as we all know. After installation, the uTorrent runs in an optimized mode to get best downloading speeds.

The uTorrent runs in a set of incoming and outgoing connection settings to reach the highest possible download speeds. But some people complaining the limited speed of the torrent even they have good Internet connection speeds. The reasons are so many, optimizing uTorrent is a must have task to get faster downloading speeds. Here are the best uTorrent settings to obtaining good downloading speed.

Note: This guide also works with BitTorrent

How To Optimize uTorrent For Best Downloading Speed-Guide

How To Download Things Faster On Mac Computer

1. Firewall Exception in uTorrent

To obtain good downloading speeds first you need to set some settings in the Preferences. Every machine comes with a firewall restriction. Very first step involved in optimizing uTorrent is disabling the Firewall settings for uTorrent.
Control Panel window, click on Allow a program through Windows Firewall. This will take you to the Windows Firewall Settings window. Here, go to the Exceptions tab and check the box to make the uTorrent program as firewall exception.

How To Install Stuff Faster

2. Disk Overload

In most of the uTorrent poor performance cases Disk Overload is the major problem. This message suspends the downloading speeds to a few kb/s. You can overcome this problem by overriding the Disk Cashe settings in uTorrent. Go to Options > Preferences > Advanced > Disk Cache and modify the value for “Override the automatic cache size and specify the size manually”.

3. Choosing good Torrents

If you want to download a file using Torrent, there are so many uploads will be available on the Internet. Choose the good Torrent with good peer exchange rate. Poor peers and seeders ratios cause slow download speed uTorrent. Peers and Seeders ratios are the most important factor to before choosing a Torrent. A good ratio of Peers and Seeders helpful to download your file significantly at higher speeds.

4. Download Simultaneously

Most of us make a list of torrents in the queueing method. This will make a mixed bag and takes a lot of time to complete all. My personal suggestion is to download each torrent one by one, it will definitely show good results.

5. Speed Limits

How To Download Things Faster On Mac Keyboard

Always maximize the download speed and limit the upload rate. Limiting the upload rate will save your bandwidth and improves your download speeds.

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