Mahjong Connect 2 Free Download

  1. Mahjong Connect 2 Free Download Free Games Dl
  • Cme

    - 2021. May 16. - Sunday

    love it. first win

  • Ruthie

    - 2021. May 10. - Monday

    omg, I found you again. love you game.

  • Spritz

    - 2021. April 26. - Monday

    So glad I found my favourite game working again. Thanks.

  • Dolores Binkley

    - 2021. April 24. - Saturday

    Love this game. we need more games like this one.

  • Dolores Binkley

    - 2021. April 16. - Friday

    Love this game. I play it every day. Give us more match games

  • Xantilor

    - 2021. April 15. - Thursday

    Thank you for getting this working again. My favourite tea break game while listening to music.

  • Nik

    - 2021. March 20. - Saturday

    The best,

  • Barb43

    - 2021. March 01. - Monday

    Thank you for keeping this game up & running! It's my favorite game! I don't care about the scoring ... I'm just happy to have my favorite game available to help me chill out between stressful work moments!

  • Linda

    - 2021. February 27. - Saturday

    Please keep all these games up and running we need this during this virus. Thank You

  • T Man

    - 2021. February 21. - Sunday

    Thanks for keeping this game up and running. Yes, scoring would be nice but I realise that can't be done at the moment :( Thank you for the efforts you have taken :

  • Rj

    - 2021. February 19. - Friday

    you fix game now

  • Cowgirl

    - 2021. February 18. - Thursday

    So glad to have this game. It is my favorite. Thanks!

  • Batty

    - 2021. February 18. - Thursday

    Thank you so much for all your hard work getting this and all the other games working again. I don't mind if there's a few problems - I'm just really happy that my favourite games are back again - I really missed them. Once again, THANK YOU :)

  • Lila

    - 2021. February 16. - Tuesday

    love playing this game very relaxing

  • Rednuth

    - 2021. February 11. - Thursday

    Ditzy45 I like to play still a challenge. Would like to have scoring back. Thanks for bringing back this game site!!
    - No, I can't. The world is changed.

  • Niesiol

    - 2021. February 11. - Thursday

    Game ok , but there is no score to win (point counter no exist). Maybe You can fix it?
    - Webmaster: No, i can't. The world is changed.

Mahjong Connect 2 Free DownloadDownload

Mahjong Connect 2 Free Download Free Games Dl

Mahjong Connect 1.2 is one of the most colorful versions of the logic game. It has 6 levels. The main task is to find and remove identical tiles from the playing field. Each pair brings the player 10 points and 11 seconds of extra time. There are special hints on the right side of the playing. Mahjong connect is a classic that has existed for several years now. This free mahjong game offers. Dream Pet Link is a nice flash mahjong featuring various cute animals such as lions, penguins,. WOW Connect 2 is a free mahjong game that will delight all fans of World of Warcraft. Candy Connect 2: Candy connect 2 is a free puzzle game. There is a world of treats out there just waiting to be eaten. Colorful and delicious snacks that you can chow down on as long as you have the ability to recognize patterns and connect them. Candy, donuts, licorice treats, brownies and yes even ice cream. You'll have to recognize the difference between all of these.