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Kanchana 3 Becomes A Victim Of Piracy & Available For Download in HD, FHD Quality. Srini Chennareddy. Kanchana 3 is a 2019 horror-comedy Tamil movie and released in 3 different languages Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Also, Kanchana 3 is known as Muni 4 and released featuring Raghava Lawrence, Oviya and Vedhika in lead roles.

  • Kanchana 2 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download Free. And South movies In Mp4. Download Muni 2: Kanchana (2011) Hindi Dubbed DVDRip In. The first film is Muni (2007) and the second is Muni 2: Kanchana (2011) with the. Kanchana Returns 2017 Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Free Download 720P. Muni 2: Kanchana (simply known.
  • About Kanchana 2. Kanchana 2 was released on Apr 17, 2015 and was directed by Raghava Lawrence.This movie is 2 hr 48 min in duration and is available in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada languages.
Release Date : 19 Apr 2019
Critics Rating
Kanchana 3 (aka) Muni 4 is a Tamil action comedy, horror movie written and directed by Raghava Lawrence and co produced by himself. The movie stars Raghava Lawrence Oviya and Vedhika in the leading roles. The movie Kanchana 3 produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series.
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Raghava Lawrence further inked a deal with DooPaaDoo, which is owned by lyricist Madhan Karky. The movie has 6 songs composed by 6 music directors each so that the music of the film will be by Doopaadoo as a consortium of independent musicians.
Kanchana 3's plot surround a youngster named Raghava, who is afreaid of ghosts and spirits. Things take a sharp turn,...
Muni 2 full movie download free
  • as Kavya
  • as Priya Ganesh
  • as Bhavani
  • as Kamakshi
  • Priyanka Nalkar
  • Raghava Lawrence
  • Producer
  • DooPaaDoo
  • Music Director
  • Saravedi Saran
  • Even the makers of the film won't claim that the story of Kanchana 3 is something fresh or new. The structure of the film follows the same path of its predecessors. From the naive guy who is afraid of ghosts to the revenge angle, the template just ..
  • Lawrence once again provides enough laughter as the innocent Raghava. As Kaali, he puts on the mass hero hat along with the mask of Messiah. The actor also impresses us by his ability to change expressions both as Kaali and the foreign girl in the ..
  • The first half of Kanchana 3 does complete justice to the genre, except for a couple of things. Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli have the most ridiculous roles. Ragava is openly flirting with all three women, who are actually his cousins, and no on..
  • Nanbanukku Kovila Kattu
  • Kadhal-Oru-Vizhiyil
  • Kaali Kaali
  • Oru Sattai Oru Balpam
  • Shake You Body
  • Rudhra Kaali
  • mythili lawrencce
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A sequel of hit movie ‘Bato Muniko Phool’ (2010) Nepali movie Bato Muni ko Phool 2 (2016) was released on April 22, 2016. The movie features well known actors like Yash Kumar, Dilip Rayamajhi, Babu Bogati, Ashishma Nakarmi, Reema Bishwokarma, Reecha Sharma and others. Actor Rajesh Hamal is also featured in a cameo role in the movie.

The social drama and romantic movie is made in the similar theme to its previous sequel. Rekha Thapa however is not featured in the sequel.

Film profile

  • Nepali movie – Bato Muni ko Phool 2
  • Release Date- April 22 2016
  • Starring – Yash Kumar, Babu Bogati, Ashishma Nakarmi, Reema Bishwokarma, Dilip Raymajhi, Reecha Sharma etc.
  • Genre- Social Drama, Romance
  • Editor – Banish Shah, Milan Shrestha
  • Cinematography- Man Krishna Maharjan
  • Choreographer- Govinda Prabhat
  • Music- Yash Kumar
  • Story- Yash Kumar
  • Producer- Bhim Neupane
  • Executive Producer – Reena Shahi
  • Director- Subarna Thapa
  • Banner – Yash Kumar Films

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‘Bato Muniko Phool 2’ gossips and issues

By the time of the screening of the movie, the producer/actor Yash Kumar had problem with the director Subarna Thapa. Director Thapa didn’t show up at the premiere show of movie, held a few days before the release of the movie. Yash Kumar told that Subarna Thapa didn’t show up despite his message via mobile.

It was reported that the cold war had started when a show was fixed in Australia even before the completion of the editing of the movie. Subarna accused the producer of interfering on his creativity.

‘Bato Muniko Phool 2’ review

The movie didn’t get a positive review. Despite of the success of the previous sequel, the first part of the movie was accused of being dull. The movie has tried to include a lot of different aspects of issues in society – lacking a clear direction. Social discrimination, politics and revenge is the core message of the movie. The screenplay is however unstructured and can’t bind the audiance.

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The message is not clear. A crowd of characters adds to the confusion. The movie fails to create an emotional binding between the lead actors and the audience. When acting is concerned, that of Arpan Thapa, Reecha Sharma, Dilip Rayamajhi, and Reema Bishwokarma are very good. The role of the characters played by Dilip and Reecha, Babu and Reema are also powerful. The movie featured powerful dialogue although the script fails to follow the good vibes.

Muni 2 Tamil Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

‘Bato Muniko Phool 2’ reference

Muni 2 Hd Movie Download

  • Fims of Nepal profile of ‘Bato Muniko Phool’ (2010)
  • Release date in xnepali
  • The director wasn’t happy and didn’t show up at the premier show.

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