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Find out what is an ODBC driver and how to install it and configure a DSN for Devart ODBC drivers on Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit). My IBM Iseries ODBC connection from windows 2003. By changing Biztalk to run as a 32 bit process. Running Access ODBC Drivers on Windows 7 64 bit. Install Odbc 64 Bit; Microsoft Access 64 Bit Odbc Driver Download; Hey Techies-I have a copy of the IBM iSeries Access kit for Windows.

Release DateFile NameSizeDescription
Version 2.0.5 Release
May 18, 2017changes-v20.log48 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
May 18, 2017OdbcJdbc-src- MBSource code
May 18, 2017Firebird_ODBC_2.0.5.156_Win32.exe1.0 MBWindows 32-bit Full Install
May 18, 2017Firebird_ODBC_2.0.5.156_x64.exe1.6 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
May 18, 2017OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.5.156_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
May 18, 2017OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.5.156_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
May 18, 2017OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux x86 Library
May 18, 2017OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0.4 Release
March 9, 2016changes-v20.log46 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
March 9, 2016OdbcJdbc-src- MBSource code
March 9, 2016Firebird_ODBC_2.0.4.155_Win32.exe1.0 MBWindows 32-bit Full Install
March 9, 2016Firebird_ODBC_2.0.4.155_x64.exe1.6 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
March 9, 2016OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.4.155_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
March 9, 2016OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.4.155_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
March 9, 2016OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux x86 Library
March 9, 2016OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0.3 Release
November 26, 2014changes-v20.log45 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
November 26, 2014OdbcJdbc-src- MBSource code
November 26, 2014Firebird_ODBC_2.0.3.154_Win32.exe1.0 MBWindows 32-bit Full Install
November 26, 2014Firebird_ODBC_2.0.3.154_x64.exe1.6 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
November 26, 2014OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.3.154_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
November 26, 2014OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.3.154_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
November 26, 2014OdbcFb-LIB- MBLinux x86 Library
November 26, 2014OdbcFb-LIB- MBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0.2 Release
July 08, 2013changes-v20.log44.3 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
July 08, 2013OdbcFb-Source- MBSource code
July 08, 2013Firebird_ODBC_2.0.2.153_Win32.exe10.0 MBWindows 32-bit Full Install
July 08, 2013Firebird_ODBC_2.0.2.153_x64.exe1.6 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
July 08, 2013OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.2.153_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
July 08, 2013OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.2.153_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
July 08, 2013OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux x86 Library
July 08, 2013OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0.1 Release
March 19, 2012changes-v20.log42.2 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
March 19, 2012OdbcFb-Source- MBSource code
March 19, 2012Firebird_ODBC_2.0.1.152_Win32.exe989.7 KBWindows 32-bit Full Install
March 19, 2012Firebird_ODBC_2.0.1.152_x64.exe1.5 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
March 19, 2012OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.1.152_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
March 19, 2012OdbcFb_DLL_2.0.1.152_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
March 19, 2012OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux x86 Library
March 19, 2012OdbcFb-LIB- KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0 Release
from Alexander Potapchenko
April 04, 2011changes-v20.log38 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
April 04, 2011OdbcFb-Source-2.0.0151.tar.gz1.4 MBSource code
April 04, 2011Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.151_Win32.exe966 KBWindows 32-bit Full Install
April 04, 2011Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.151_x64.exe1.5 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
April 04, 2011OdbcFb_DLL_2-0-0151_Win32.zip1.3 MBWin 32-bit DLL
April 04, 2011OdbcFb_DLL_2-0-0151_x64.zip1.7 MBWin 64-bit DLL
April 04, 2011OdbcFb-LIB-2.0.0151.i686.gz307 KBLinux x86 Library
April 04, 2011OdbcFb-LIB-2.0.0151.amd64.tar.gz344 KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2)
from Alexander Potapchenko
November 16, 2010changes-v20.log38 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
November 16, 2010OdbcFb-Source-RC2-2.0.0150.tar.gz2 MBSource code
November 16, 2010Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.150_Win32.exe966 KBWindows 32-bit Full Install
November 16, 2010Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.150_x64.exe2 MBWindows 64-bit Full Install
November 16, 2010OdbcFb_DLL_RC2_2-0-0150_Win32.zip2 MBWin 32-bit DLL
November 16, 2010OdbcFb_DLL_RC2_2-0-0150_x64.zip2 MBWin 64-bit DLL
November 16, 2010OdbcFb-LIB-RC2-2.0.0150.i686.tar.gz299 KBLinux x86 Library
November 16, 2010OdbcFb-LIB-RC2-2.0.0150.amd64.tar.gz335 KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
First V.2 release candidate from Alexander Potapchenko
November 19, 2008changes-v20.log36 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
November 19, 2008OdbcFb-Source-RC1-2.0.0148.tar.gz2 MBSource code
November 19, 2008Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.148_win32.exe545 KBWindows 32-bit Full Install
November 19, 2008Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.148_x64.exe783 KBWindows 64-bit Full Install
November 19, 2008OdbcFb_DLL_RC1_2-0-0148_Win32.zip297 KBWin 32-bit DLL
November 19, 2008OdbcFb_DLL_RC1_2-0-0148_x64.zip351 KBWin 64-bit DLL
November 19, 2008OdbcFb-LIB-RC1-2.0.0148.i686.tar.gz248 KBLinux x86 Library
November 19, 2008OdbcFb-LIB-RC1-2.0.0148.amd64.tar.gz284 KBLinux AMD64 Library
Version 2.0 Beta
Please regard this set as superseded. It will be removed when the Release Candidate cycle is completed.
September 5, 2007v2-0-beta.log28 KBWhat's New, Log file, Text
September 5, 2007Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0-Win32.exe501 KBWindows 32-bit Full Install
September 5, 2007OdbcFb32_DLL_Beta_2-0-0144.zip248 KBWindows 32-bit DLLs
September 5, 2007OdbcFb32_Source_Beta_2-0-0144.zip1060 KBWindows 32-bit Source code
September 5, 2007OdbcFb32-beta-2.0.0144.tar.gz433 KBLinux x86 Shared Libraries
September 5, 2007OdbcFb32-beta-2.0.0144-src.tar.gz811 KBLinux x86 Source code
Version 1.x Beta, Most Recent
June 6, 2006OdbcJdbc_DLL_Beta_1-3.zip217 KBWindows 32-bit DLLs
June 6, 2006OdbcJdbc_Source_Beta_1-3.zip255 KBWindows 32-bit Source code
June 6, 2006OdbcJdbc-beta-1.3.0096.tar.gz969 KBLinux x86 Shared libraries
June 6, 2006OdbcJdbc-beta-1.3.0096-src.tar.gz736 KBLinux x86 Source code
Version 1.2
September 5, 2004OdbcJdbc_dll-1-2-1.zip197 KBWindows 32-bit DLLs
September 5, 2004OdbcJdbc_Source-1-2-1.zip255 KBWindows 32-bit Source code
September 5, 2004v1-2-1-beta.log21 KBChange log, Text
August 26, 2004Firebird_ODBC_1.2.0.69-Win32.exe596 KBWindows 32-bit full install
August 26, 2004v1-2-1-beta.log243 KBLinux x86 Full install
August 26, 2004OdbcJdbc_1.2.0.69.src.tar.gz347 KBLinux x86 Source code
Supporting Documentation
November 25, 2017Firebird ODBC/JDBC Driver Manual
(in Documentation Library)
On-line, PDF (824 Kb) and CHM (in zipfile, 845 Kb) (English)
December 23, 2004OdbcJdbcHtmlHelp.zip22 KBWindows HTML Help Files (English)
December 23, 2004OdbcJdbcHtmlHelpEs.zip15 KBWindows HTML Help Files (Spanish)
December 23, 2004OdbcJdbcHtmlHelpPt.zip16 KBWindows HTML Help Files (Portuguese)
December 23, 2004OdbcJdbcHtmlHelpRu.zip168 KBWindows HTML Help Files (Russian)
December 23, 2004OdbcJdbcHtmlHelpUk.zip170 KBWindows HTML Help Files (Ukrainian)
February 22, 2003OdbcJdbc_Examples.zip27 KBUse SQLPutData and SQLGetData, SQLBindCol, SQLBindParam (for blob TEXT and blob BLR), insert procedure, select data from procedure (suspend), select data from execute procedure (1 row). Using multiple threads over a single connection. Two phase commit.
December 17, 2003OdbcJdbc_ExamplesAdo.zip7 KBThis sample demonstrates the use of ADO from VBScript and HTML, and shows how VBScript and HTML on the client can be used to build a two tier web application for an Intranet.
October 17, 2007Installing Firebird ODBC driver on Ubuntu Linux from SourceDetailed how-to by Marius Popa


Accdb Odbc Driver 32 Bit Download

If you are considering helping with development, you can check out the latest sources from the Firebird project on GitHub, project firebird-odbc-driver. You don't have to be a Firebird project member to download the code with anonymous access.
  • The firebird-odbc-driver project is viewable in a web browser here.
  • To download the source you need to have a git client. Use the following command:


  • You can also fork the project on GitHub
  • There is an MSVC workspace for building the driver for Win32. Make OdbcJdbcSetup the active project and do a build all. There are also make files for other platforms (e.g. Linux and FreeBSD).
Support and Development list

Postgresql Odbc Driver 32 Bit Download

Subscribe to the firebird-odbc-devel list server dedicated to the discussion of driver development and usage issues.
Open Source Licensing
The driver source is available under the Initial Developers Public Licence (IDPL), a variant of the InterBase Public Licence (IPL) that is a variant of the Mozilla Public License 1.1. To read the licences, click here.