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Portal 2 - Update

Portal 2 Map Maker Download

An update has been released for Portal 2. Improvements: - Implemented a Vulkan render backend (currently accessible through the -vulkan command line parameter). - Improved compile time for Perpetual Training Initiative puzzles. - Improved advanced video settings descriptions. - Made the game Hi-DPI aware. - Smarter default video settings. - Improved resolution of player avatars throughout the game. - Players can now be invited to play co-op on controller. - Button text contrast and padding has been improved when using a controller. - Implemented a 360° Spin action. - The portalgun is now correctly affected by dynamic lights (projected textures) in the scene. - Improved client-side prediction for coop play. - Added the ability for workshop levels to pack particles into their map with a particles/map_manifest.txt - Misc. rendering optimizations. - Added an icon to the game on Linux. - Removed the 'Trading Coming Soon' button. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash on startup that could happen on Linux. - Fixed a crash that could occur in some community test chambers using BEEMod on Linux. - Fixed the credits being corrupted on Linux. - Fixed the intro videos for acts 2 and 3 not playing on Linux. - Fixed the game starting in the top left corner of the screen on Linux. - Fixed a crash in the PeTI if you placed a light strip above a laser catcher on the floor and linked it to a fizzler. - Fixed the fizzler not playing the retract animation when turned off in new PeTI maps. - Fixed being able to copy 'uncopyable' items in the PeTI leading to invalid/broken levels. - Fixed some items in PeTI not maintaining their portalability state when expanding the chamber boundaries. - Fixed a crash if PeTI avatars could not be retrieved. - Fixed Cave Johnson's lines not progressing when playing queued workshop levels. - Fixed a memory leak that could occur when changing levels. - Fixed a bug where you could no longer ping/taunt via mouse/keyboard if you have ever used a controller. - Fixed the ping menu being visible when quick pinging on controller. - Fixed the game instructor not respecting input types for respective players in split-screen mode. - Fixed rumble not being respected for respective players in split-screen mode. - Fixed the wrong avatar being used if playing coop after playing a workshop level. - Fixed the OnFiredPortal2 output not firing. - Fixed some text being duplicated on the screen multiple times.

Portal 2 Map Maker Download Free

Portal 2 Map Maker Download

The Portal 2 Authoring Tools is a download containing files needed to make mods and Hammer-based maps for Portal 2. The Portal 2 Authoring Tools are available for free on Steam to all owners of the PC version of Portal 2. Note that most Portal 1 level design theory applies to Portal 2 as well. Small (128x128 units) Observation Rooms can be added to the map using the item palette. Unlike the Large Observation Room, more than one small Observation Room can be placed in the map. They are used to provide a good source of light along with the Light Strip. Like the Large Observation Room, Small Observation Rooms use space.

Think you can cook up more challenging Portal 2 test chambers than GLaDOS or Wheatley? You’re in luck. Valve has released a beta set of authoring tools for the game that will let you create your own levels. The download is free for anyone who owns the PC version, and you can find it under the tools tab of the Steam client.

Portal 2 Map Editor

According to Valve, the authoring tools are the very same ones used to create the game. Enterprising modders will be able to make single-player or co-op maps in addition to adding their own skins, models, sound effects, and music. Valve will even hook you up with Gareth Stephen Merchant and Vern J.K. Simmons if you want custom voice-over work. Just kidding.

Microsoft Maker Portal

Portal 2 map codes

Minecraft Portal 2 Map Download

Portal‘s puzzle-infused gameplay lends itself well to user-created levels, and I’m curious to see whether modders will embrace the game. Valve has already promised to release new test chambers as part of a free DLC package that’s being targeted for this summer. Given its history with the mod community, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Valve include the best user-created test chambers in future DLC releases—and poach their authors to work on the next chapter in the series. Thanks to Joystiq for the tip.