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Lost your Dualshock 4 or even Dualsense 5? Don't worry! With the Game Controller for PS4 / PS5, controlling your PS5 / PS4 has never been easier!
Ps4 Playstation Apk DownloadGame Controller for PS4 / PS5 is a game controller for PlayStation app. Using your smartphone as a Dualsense controller / DualShock4 to control your PS5/ PS4.
Don't need to buy a new Dualshock gamepad for playing multiplayer games on your PS5 / PS4.

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Play Has No Limits
- Gamepad mode work as DualShock to control your PS4 / PS5
- Remote mode work as PS4 controller & display game on your phone
- No more physical Dualshock gamepad to play Playstation with your friends
- Easily connect
How to turn your phone into PS5/ PS4 controller
- Make sure your phone & PS are connected to the same Wifi network
- Choose PS devices you want to connect or add the device in manual mode
- Choose Gamepad mode or Remote mode
- Login to your PS account to access gameplay
Stay at home to use Game Controller for PS4 / PS5 and play your favorite Playstation Games!!
This app is not affiliated with Sony Group Corporation and other trademarks mentioned here such as: “PlayStation”, “PlayStation app”, “PlayStation game”, “DualSense”, “DualShock”, “PS5”, and “PS4”.
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PS4 Remote Play is an application that lets users stream and play games from their PlayStation 4 on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets.

PlayStation 4 users have the options of streaming the gameplay to various other devices, including phones and tablets, although this category only includes the ones from the Sony Xperia line. Furthermore, only a limited number of those can be used for this purpose, and an official list is available.

The basic principle is quite straightforward, you connect your Xperia smartphone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, get a controller, and continue to play your PS4 games on your Xperia device away from your TV screen.

As you can imagine, you will need to have access to a high-speed Internet connection and using public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Also, it’s quite possible that some games won’t have support for this particular feature.

For more information on downloading PS4 Remote Play to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Play PlayStation 4 games on your phone
  • Use a controller and stream gameplay straight on the mobile device
  • Only a limited number of devices from the Xperia line are supported

PS4 Remote Play APK versions (11):

  • PS4 Remote Play 4.6.02021-11-16
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.5.02021-09-15
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.1.12021-06-29
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.1.02021-04-14
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.0.02020-10-15
  • + 6 more versions available

All PS4 Remote Play versions:

Ps4 Playstation Apk Download Android

  • PS4 Remote Play 4.6.02021-11-16
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.5.02021-09-15
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.1.12021-06-29
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.1.02021-04-14
  • PS4 Remote Play 4.0.02020-10-15
  • PS4 Remote Play 3.0.02019-10-08
  • PS4 Remote Play 2.8.02019-03-07
  • PS4 Remote Play 2.6.02018-03-09
  • PS4 Remote Play 2.5.02017-10-03
  • PS4 Remote Play 2.0.02017-03-10
  • PS4 Remote Play 1.5.12016-11-30

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New in PS4 Remote Play 4.6.0:Read the full changelog

current version:

PS4 Remote Play 4.6.0+ 10 more available

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