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This is complete IR remote control for Samsung television models manufactured from ~2007 until present day. The difference between this and other applications found on store is that this remote works exactly like the original infrared remote. The remote's layout (image) is exactly the same as the latest models (2014+, J-Series). Most older series use almost the same layout (F and H-series). So no need to learn how to use this app, just install it and start using it like your original remote.

Download Samsung TV Remote app for Android. The best Samsung TV Remote Control, DLNA Server, Wear, Watch Remote. Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV KODI CetusPlay APK Description Universal Remote Control for Android TV, TV box, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, KODI, Smart TV and many more. CetusPlay universal TV remote brings the flawless experience as an alternative to a TV remote with much more unbelievable functionalities. Since Live Net TV was made as an APK, some features are not easily accessible on a Fire TV or Firestick. To use these, one must use Firestick Remote Alternatives or install mouse toggle onto their device. Click the link below to learn more about Mouse Toggle and how to install it on a Firestick/Fire TV. How to Install Mouse Toggle on Firestick. Download Fire TV Remote apk 2.5 for Android. Easy to Control Fire TV Stick Remote with Android Device. The companion app can be installed directly from the app store on the Fire TV by searching for 'Remote for Fire TV' or you can side load it via the links below. Here is the APK. The main Fire TV user interface does NOT support a mouse so it must be navigated via the d-pad buttons.

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How to use:
★ You must point your phone’s IR blaster directly at the television like with the original infrared remote. Usual working range is 3 - 15ft (line of sight).
★ With some phones in power saving mode or with almost empty battery the IR signal is very weak and range is less then 5ft.
All functions should work with the latest K(2017), J (2015), H (2014) and F (2013) series models. If you have 10 year old model which does note have internet connection, then of course some internet related buttons like e-manual (online help) does not work, but all common functions will still work.
Supported devices:
Devices with IR blaster running on Android KitKat and newer e.g Galaxy series S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note3, Note 4, Tab4, Mega, HTC One series (M7/M8/M9) running on original ROM, LG G3 Stylus, G5, Xiami Redmi Mi and Note series, many Honor phones, TCT / Alcatel I221 and some Lonovo tablets with IR interface.
Thanks for downloading this app. If this app doesn't work with your phone or TV then feel free to e-mail me.
Remote For Fire Tv Apk DownloadDisclaimer/Trademarks:
This app is made by me and is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung or any other developers.

Amazon's Fire TV devices run a heavily-modified version of Android, which means you can install some Android applications on it. While the built-in Amazon Appstore does have a wide selection of apps and games, you can still install software not available through the official store (like the Kodi Media Center) if you have the APK file.

However, there are a few caveats to the process. First, Fire TV devices aren't fully compatible with all Android apps — many games and apps are designed for a touchscreen, not a physical remote. Also, the Fire TV doesn't support Google Play Services, which some software uses for notifications, licenses, and other functionality. Finally, some Fire TV models run fairly old versions of Android (even the latest Fire TV Stick uses Android 7.1, released from 2016), so applications that require newer OS features may not work properly.


Still, you probably won't know if an app works until you try it, so we've put together this guide on how to sideload any Android app (in APK format) onto your Fire TV.

Install APKs from an Android phone or tablet

There are a few mobile apps that can copy applications to a Fire TV device, but the best option is Apps2Fire. It's available from the Play Store, and can copy APK files or your phone's own applications to your Fire TV.

Apps2FireDeveloper: Koni

Before you can do anything with Apps2Fire, you have to enable ADB Debugging on your Fire TV, so the app can install applications. Turn on your Fire TV, go to the Settings menu, and select 'My Fire TV.' You should see a menu for Developer options — open it and set 'ADB debugging' to ON. The below video should help you know where to look.

Once you open Apps2Fire for the first time, head to the 'Setup' tab to select your Fire TV from the network. If the app can't find your Fire TV device, make sure it's powered on. If it still can't locate the IP address, go to the Fire TV's Settings page, press 'My Fire TV,' then select 'About.' Finally, scroll down to 'Network' — the IP address will be displayed on the right side.

After the setup process is complete, you can either select an app installed on your phone to copy to your Fire TV, or pick an APK from your device's local files. To select a downloaded APK file, press the Upload button at the top-right, then navigate to the /storage/emulated/0/Download directory.

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The installation process can take a while, depending on which Fire TV model you have and how fast your Wi-Fi is, but in the end you should see your installed app in the 'Your apps & channels' row on the home screen.

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Install APKs from your PC with ADB

Like all Android devices, you can use the Android Debug Bridge (or ADB, for short) to transfer APKs to a Fire TV device. However, since it's a bit difficult to use ADB over a USB connection with Fire devices, it's best to do it over a Wi-Fi connection.

The first step is to install ADB on your computer. It's officially available as part of the Android Studio SDK, but that can be daunting to set up if you're not a programmer, so it's best to use a third-party installation tool. If you're on Windows, 15 Seconds ADB Installer is a popular option that has always worked well for me. If you're using macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS, give Nexus Tools a shot (full disclosure: I made it).

After you install ADB, try typing the command 'adb --help' (without the quotes) in your Terminal/Command Line application and press Enter. You should see something like the below screenshot. If you get an error or other message, try closing and re-opening the Terminal/CMD window and try again.

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Now it's time to connect to your Fire TV. Turn on your Fire TV, go to the Settings menu, and select 'My Fire TV.' You should see a menu for Developer options — open it and set 'ADB debugging' to ON. The below video should help you know where to look.

Once that's done, you have to find the IP address of your Fire TV. On the main Settings page, press 'My Fire TV,' then select 'About.' Finally, scroll down to 'Network' — the IP address will be displayed on the right side. Make a note of it.

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Now it's time to connect ADB on your PC to your Fire TV. Go back to your PC and run 'adb connect' (without the quotes), followed by the IP address of your Fire TV. You should see a message that ADB successfully connected — you can also run 'adb devices' to verify.

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Finally, you can now install whatever APK files you want. If you don't already have an app you want to try out, we'll use the Kodi Media Player as an example, since it's not available from the Amazon Appstore. Go download the latest version from APKMirror, and once the APK file is fully downloaded, we can try sideloading it.

Back in the Terminal/Command Line, type in 'adb install' (without quotes), then a space, then drag the file you downloaded into the app window. It should paste the full path to the file. Then press Enter and watch the magic.

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Remote For Fire Tv Apk Download For Laptop


If you got a 'success' message, the app should now be visible on your Fire TV. Go to the home screen, and scroll through the 'Your apps & channels' row until you see the app. The application might have a blank header image, but the name should still be visible when selected.

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If you want to sideload more APKs in the future, all you have to do is run the ADB connect command again on your PC, then run the install command for each APK. Super easy.

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