Windows 8 Oem 64 Bit Download

If you want to migrate to the 64 bit version of Windows 8, you will have to first download the installation files for Windows 8 64 bit on a computer running a 64 bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. (This DOES NOT work with Windows XP). Lets take a look at doing that. The key product of OEM versions of Windows 8.0 Pro is stored in BIOS. Where can i download a Windows 8.0 x64 iso file to make a media to re-install the Windows 8.0 in my computer in case i need to make a clean installation?

Hi Rocket_Z
This is the official download method:
Click this link:
to download the Media Creation Tool (Click on Download Tool Now), with that you can download the latest Windows 10 ISO (Select Create Installation Media for Another PC), you can create a bootable USB flash drive (min 8GB) using that tool
This is also a reliable method to create Windows 10 Bootable Media
Click this link to download the Windows 10 ISO
Click this link to download a tool from Microsoft which you can use to create the bootable installation media from that ISO - tool works for Windows 7, 8 and 10
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Windows 8 Oem 64 Bit Download Free

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Windows 8 Oem 64 Bit Downloads

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Windows 10 Oem Download Free

First things First -
The product key is way too small to verify the letters and numbers! Also it's not easy to read on a mixed colored background. We tried every possible letter match using a magnifying glass and still received 'incorrect product key' from the software installation. Does the product key really have to be so tiny? Also the new OEM copies of Win7 has adopted this insane sticker and font size! We spent an entire day trying different product key combinations. The folks at Microsoft who decided on the sticker color and font size should have their pubic hair ripped out by the roots!!
Second To None -
The touch GUI is a real pain in the A$$..! I guess we should all go out and buy touch screen for our computers just to please Microsoft!! 'At the moment I'd like to tell you where I'd like to TOUCH some of those Microsoft programmers for designing this piece garbage..!' Give the people a choice on installation.. it's simple,.. What installation would you prefer: 'Tablet or PC' duh..! Why send customers on the internet looking for a third party software just to get back their START button.. and they wonder why people are afraid to leave WinXP duh..! Somebody should wake up Bill Gates on that CLOUD he's sleeping on!
Third Place To Last -
The operating system has some weird activation ghost in the software! After a few days of using the operating system the activation finally went through!! It didn't want to do it manually and then it does it magically on it's own when it felt like! And here I thought Disney World had all the magic ... Weird, just like some of the QA department folks at Microsoft..! And all this time I thought I wasn't connected to the internet when I wrote this..!
Fourth Foot Forward -
Older PC devices and most software doesn't seem to work well with Win8. Spent days trying to get drivers from all over tim-buck-too that would allow my scanner, printers, pen device etc etc to work. Perfectly good PC devices that have no drivers will just have to join the junk pile and we should all spend, spend, spend more money for new Win8 compatibles..! Hey why not? Bill Gates assume we're all billionaires so lets create a new computer bubble to add to the recession..! Geezz it's Christmas in September.
Fifth, I Think We Stepped In It -
Here's Win 8.1 it's a free upgrade for your Win8 but it comes with even more surprises! Like.. What happened to the working system image feature that worked under version 8.0 but riddled with problems under 8.1, ever tried to create a system image of your hard drive on DVD's just to protect yourself against purchasing the entire Win8 software again? Wait till you need to restore your investment ... SURPRISE ... your backup may not work. Whatever you do, DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 8.1 or you'll definitely step in it. Pretty soon Windows 9... these people cranking out Windows versions as fast as they're cranking out the error codes!!
I could go on and on with the problems with this software but that would be beyond the scope of this document or I should say the internet in general. It's just one headache after the next, I really don't know how some folks could give this software 5-stars!!